Friday, 15 June 2012

Calculating Sales Tax

Following the release of version 1.1, Beadia can now calculate sales tax for your sales automatically. Each sale has a tax rate field which holds the percentage you need to charge for sales tax. Beadia calculates the required sales tax as a percentage of the total value of jewelry items sold plus the postage fee. Find the Sales tax rate field on the detail pane of the Sales library.
The Create Sale Wizard also calculates sales tax for you in the same way.

Default Sales Tax

You can also set a default sales tax which is applied to all sales you create. here's how to set it:
  1. Click the Document entry of the Settings group of the source list on the left of the window.
  2. Click the Financial tab.
  3. Enter a default sales tax percentage.
  4. All sales created will now have the specified tax rate by default.

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